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Nurture and build lifetime customer value: Keep the same customer coming back---send teaser emails with special deals, alerts to sales, etc. Build customer loyalty with excellent service and considerate contacts.




Engage your younger audience with social media: Many younger customers expect a Facebook  and Twitter presence and active engagement by the retailer. Don't miss out on an opportunity to connect with some of your biggest fans and critics. According to the study, online marketing channels and mobile devices significantly influenced in-store purchase behavior this holiday season. While online marketing had a greater influence on online purchases than in-store purchases in most instances, that difference was minor.


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Categorize visitors, target them with unique homepage messages:

If they are a valued repeat customer, deliver a message tailored to their buying behavior. A new visitor would see something different--perhaps a one-time discount on orders over $25 with a deadline.



Don't miss out on MobileDon't underestimate the importance of mobile for ecommerce transactions. Customers are moving to tablets and smart phones, and the rate of sales transacted on a mobile device is growing. The hidden costs of email are subscriber fatigue and desensitization to our brand and our message (yeah, we saw it a LOT over the holidays). You can avoid causing fatigue while increasing email revenue by using email re-marketing/re-engagement.


Link online ads to custom landing pagesStudies show that advertisers who link their ads to special landing pages with a clear offer are able to realize a much higher conversion rate than those merely directing traffic to their homepage. Make it clear, relevant, and compelling, and shoppers will respond.

Create a better user experienceCustomers expect easy navigation, good product information, offers delivered at at the right time, and your competition is busy fine-tuning their site.  When in doubt about a new page design or special offer, try A/B testing. The results don't lie.

Build traffic with quality contentProvide your potential customers with more and better website content. Search engine algorithms favor good content, longer articles, and regular updates. Create unique, meaty content that your market wants. Video content is also a plus.


Responsive designTake advantage of the growing use of mobile devices to shop and view webpages. With responsive design, you create coded templates with flexible grids and resizable pictures that can present a site that displays effectively, although differently, on both small and large screens. Sometimes though, it's better to design somewhat different sites specifically for large displays, smartphone, or tablet---this is adaptive design. This decision depends on the navigation and functionality you need for your site.



PPC ads versus online display advertisingIt depends on your market and your products. For your business one or the other may work better, or there may be a way to use both effectively. Try some campaigns and track the results.



Turn first-time buyers into repeat buyersTake advantage of the data you've gained from a sale. You know what that customer bought, as well as their name and email address. Send them a special offer, remind them of the unique value you provide, and try to build loyalty. But be careful. There's a fine line between providing an attractive opportunity to buy and being an annoyance.

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A simple site we designed using the BigCommerce platform. Easy to set up and very functional.

large retail merchant site that has good category search, good landing pages, and is easy to use.

Terrific site for comparison shopping. Note the compare area on your shopping page.

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