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Jumping to a new level in public education: The Berkeley Public Schools Fund

Transforming the image of a 30-year-old energetic supporter of public schools

Established 30 years ago, the Berkeley Public Education Foundation is a strong supporter of  Berkeley public school teachers and students, and has played a critical role in sustaining programs that faced substantial elimination or reduction. Through generous local donations, the BPEF grew to have an annual budget of nearly $1 million. As they looked forward to their next 30 years, the board realized the need to be more visible throughout the school system by both parents and larger potential donors. The BPEF was often confused with other local initiatives with similar acronyms, such as BCEP and BHEF, which all support some aspect of public education in Berkeley.

Radiant was invited in by the board to address this issue and look at rebranding the organization to meet the goals of raising more funds and becoming a better known entity in Berkeley and in the Bay Area at large. Radiant worked with the board, staff, donors, and others in the community to understand the communications issues and the value of the organization in the community.

From this work, a new identity and name emerged – The Berkeley Public Schools Fund – with the energetic tagline "Jumpstart their future", which reflects the ultimate goal of supporting children in public schools.

Radiant developed the brand identity and a range of communications materials to reach out to donors and foundations, as well as to build awareness in the Berkeley community.


Scope of Work
• Individual interviews
• Market research
• Messaging and naming
• Brand design and creative
• Fundraising brochure & annual report
• Brand style guide
• Website and social media elements

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