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It’s about your power at U.C. Berkeley: MyPower at Berkeley Campaign

Empowering reducing energy use at 165 locations on the U.C. Berkeley Campus

As part of Operation Excellence at the University of California Berkeley, a new system of energy monitors were to be installed into 165 buildings throughout the campus to give online, real-time visibility to actual energy use for each building.  The goal was to motivate schools, students, and faculty to be conscious of saving energy and to see what energy use really is. A key component of this campaign was focusing on the individual's motivations to reduce energy use. But how do you tap into this with over 45,000 individuals in hundreds of locations throughout the campus? What could really motivate them to focus on decreasing their energy use?

After interviews with faculty, staff, students, and individuals throughout the campus community, it became clear that everyone focused on their own world--their own needs. The perception of campus-wide needs often did not resonate with each department. But two key elements did  – the sense of “I’m in control and I have a say in what happens here” and secondly, the belief that U.C. Berkeley is one of the top universities in the world and that “where we lead others follow.”

Radiant developed MyPower at Berkeley as the brand name, which had a great double meaning that reflected on the sense of individual power and control, as well as saving energy for the campus. The result was a campaign that reached out campus wide and has reduced energy use by 15% over one year.

Scope of Work
• Individual Interviews
• Market Research
• Messaging and naming
• Brand design and creative
• Advertising for print, bus shelter, digital
• Fundraising brochure & annual report
• Brand style guide
• Website and social media elements

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