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Uniting Against Poverty : United Way of the Bay Area

Building a community campaign that goes from grass roots to corporate supporters

The United Way of the Bay Area has focused on a mission to challenge the status quo on poverty. In the Bay Area, approximately 250,000 people live below the poverty line and struggle to make ends meet. Launched in 2010, the UWBA campaign has concentrated on a series of strategies and programs to assist working families move out of poverty. The key to the success of these efforts is the community – encouraging volunteer efforts and participation, coordinated efforts by organizations, and support from high-net-worth individuals, as well as from corporations. 

As part of the Marketing Advisory Council for the United Way, RadiantBrands has been engaged in developing a series of campaigns to inform and encourage engagement and support.

As part of this work, RadiantBrands developed a detailed marketing plan and a series of branding initiatives, including "Make It Be", a web and social media based campaign that invited partners and community members in to make commitments to their community through volunteering and participation. The campaign brought in well over 10,000 participants who connected through Facebook and offered their email addresses to follow up on future efforts and needs of United Way. This grassroots approach is intended to shift perceptions of United Way from something you donate to without knowing the outcome, to being an organization you are part of where you can see the results.

Following this campaign, Radiant developed a bus card ad series that appeared on the S.F. Muni and the A.C. Transit buses. The campaign focus was "Real People, Real Results". Each ad featured a photo of people who benefit from programs developed by United Way, driving home the message that UWBA achieves real results, and thus makes a difference in our communities.

Lastly, Radiant is now working on a brand that will engage corporate participants and donors at a high level, emphasizing their critical role in reducing poverty and contributing to better communities in the Bay Area.

Scope of Work
• Individual interviews
• Market research
• Naming of campaigns
• Brand design and creative

• Brand style guide
• Two-year marketing plan
• Website and social media elements
• Multimedia show
• Advertising
• Marketing and business plan

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