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Brewing for taste and flavor

Bison Brewing Company​

Refreshing packaging for the craft beer market

Bison Brewing Company, founded in 1989, is one of the oldest craft brewers in the United States. Now, in this very large though still growing segment (with over 2,200 craft brewers in the U.S.), it’s hard to claim a unique niche. Bison realized they needed to focus more on educating craft beer drinkers, and so they created a unique line of beers that feature uncommon all-organic ingredients.

RadiantBrands developed Bison's new organic package line, focusing on ingredients and flavor for unique positioning of the product in the market. This shift away from standard flavor profiles is emphasized in the package design, which included illustrations and copy that tell a story to the consumer. The new packaging line is out in the market and has increased sales and distribution for the Bison Brand.

Scope of Work​
• Naming
• Brand Identity

• Product packaging

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