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When Pets Clean Up

Smart Stuff for Pets​

Private label pet cleaning products that sell

Pet Food Express is the fifth largest pet products store in the United States with 50 stores in Northern California alone. RadiantBrands has worked with PFE for over five years to establish the store brand as a leader in natural and holistic foods and products. To extend this successful branding, Pet Food Express worked with RadiantBrands to develop a line of in-store product brands to expand its customer reach. The complete line includes all natural odor control and cleaning solutions for pets.

RadiantBrands developed the product line branding, encompassing the “smart stuff for pets” series of branded cleaning products. Radiant developed the name "Clean n’ Smart", as well as the branded look for this private label, carrying through the animal icons created for the store brand. The product series comprise descriptions and color variations that allow easy product recognition by customers.

Launch of the product line in Spring 2009 in all Pet Food Express stores met with immediate success.

Scope of Work
• Product naming
• Brand identity
• Illustrations
• Package and label design

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