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Creating an urban village: Peerless Greens

Building a website for a new urban village in West Berkeley

Think of a place with shops on a main street, housing for artists, apartments for those working nearby, and R&D companies and fabricators all built around a commons with an organic garden. This is Peerless Greens: a visionary idea for West Berkeley made up of four square blocks. It is an urban village where you live, work, and create. 


Peerless Greens houses a unique mix of artisans, retailers, and scientists who are creating a dense, liveable working environment, which is independent of automobiles.


RadiantBrands worked closely with developer, Doug Herst, to brand this concept and build a website, introducing his idea to the broader community.


This project is now moving through the entitlement process for approval.


Scope of Work

• Branding and tagline

• Website design and construction

• Original illustrations and renderings 



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