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Case Study: Brooklyn Basin

Branding a 65-acre, 3,000-unit, mixed-use development on the Oakland waterfront



This new 65-acre  community will be one of the largest and most dynamic real estate developments built on the San Francisco Bay in over 50 years. It will include retail, housing and acres of new park land and marinas.


RadiantBrands developed brand and name for this new project, reviewing the use of the Brooklyn name historically in Oakland. Understanding the intentions of the developer and project planners to create a significant waterfront development that would provide a unique living environment as well as a public asset in Oakland Radiant used a name that had historic context for a settlement founded in 1850 on the Oakland Estuary.


With the use of dynamic renderings and animations of the future new community, Radiant positioned Brooklyn Basin as a new and contemporary neighborhood that brings the waterfront to life. This theme was integrated into the website and branded communications for the new project. Life on the Water became the key theme of this project.


To support the brand rollout, Radiant also produced a new website and press releases to attract national attention.


Radiant created a video presentation to depict the project’s environment and how Brooklyn Basin would be a unique asset, a new neighborhood for all of Oakland that contributes to the dynamic growth of a vibrant City.


Lastly, Radiant planned and hosted a groundbreaking event attended by over 600 people including local and national businesses, government officials and project partners. Radiant used this event to attract local media and national attention.

This project represents a new surge in development in Oakland and is now drawing international attention from potential business partners and residential tenants.


Scope of Work

• Strategy/Marketing
• Interviews
• Brand identity
• Website in English and Mandarin
• Photography
• Video
• Advertising
• Press and media launch
• Groundbreaking event



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